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Solo Galvanized Trolley

Chris Brown Solo Trolley.  Good condition. Galvanized. Puncture proof tyres.&nbs…


Winder Mk.1  Solo (built Dec. 05) in excellent condition in full F.R.P white finish.

P&B ODL04 sail …

£3900 o.n.o.

solo dinghy no 5633


just completed home built solo dinghy,never been on the water, Liverpool Merseyside 


Speed 4959



Cumulus mast.  Very good condition, gunwales and chines perfect.  Built Sep 2008.  3…


2011 Winder Mk.1 in good condition

Black hull, standard light grey deck

Winder foils

Selden D+ mast (2015)

£ 4,850.00

Secondhand fittings


If you are restoring a Solo then please get in touch as I have a selection of useable fittings collected over …

As listed

Very good condition (Medium cut)


Galvanized Combi Trailer

Anodise Rubber Stock with Carbon Tiller Extension

Adjustable Tow straps

Cumulas Ma…


Complete rig available;

Superspar M7 mast with rigging and halyard - good condition & straight



Winder Mk 1 5224


Winder Mk 1 Bought new in April 2011 in very good condition, has been used only occasionally in 2015 and 2016.…


North Sail


North ST2 laminate sail. This sail was bought in June 2015 with my new boat. It has only had minimum and light…


speed 5087


speed 2010,harken fit out,milanes foils,3xsails-2010 speed dacron,2012 edge blackline laminate,2014 north lami…

£4900 ono

Wanted solo requiring TLC, Ideally I am looking for a boat post 4000 in number, timber, FRP of FRP composite r…

Ovington boon 5733


This was Ovingtons boat on stand at boat show .new HD sail on D+ mast . harken blocks and fittings. all cont…


Boon Solo 4202


Ready to race and in nice condition, new M7 mast and boom, two speed sails ,Boom up cover and undercover. with…


SOLO 4889


All gear and boat in excellent condition. Duffin built supplied by paintcraft. prefessionally repainted 2 year…


4928 Winder 1


Very nice boat All harken Cumlus mast. New top cover Winder trolly North sail Midlands


Decks just professionally revanished, ready to race eye catching boat. North sail, under and over covers and c…


"Han Solo".  5 years old.  Very good condition.  2x owners.  P&B fit-out (fu…

now £5,500 [first to see will buy - great boat!]

Winder Mk.1 in good condition

Black hull, standard grey deck

Winder foils

Selden D+ mast (2015)

1 x North …


Cumulus mast for sale, including wire halyard.


Jim Hunt's 1994 World Championship winning Solo built by Severn Sailboats, FRP Construction with wooden decks.…

£2100.00. ONO

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The National Solo is a classic, one-design, single handed dinghy. Designed by Jack Holt in 1956,the …


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