My old boat

Simon Fitzpatrick posted this 23 April 2013


Curious to know where my old boats are - seem to have tracked down 133 at my old club (Banbury) but anyone spotted 2864 in their travels?

Hoping to return to the class in the very near future

best rgds


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Chris Eslick posted this 23 April 2013

The Solo Database from the Dutch Association site shows the helmsman as 'Hayes, Pat' and no information on club.

Dave Cornish posted this 23 April 2013

Martin Holiday was the last owner of 2864 at Banbury. He sold it outside the club in 1990! Not much help, I'm afraid. Dave

Maarten Van den broek posted this 24 April 2013

Can you please contact me by direct email?

Simon Fitzpatrick posted this 24 April 2013

Ok thanks

What about 133? I sold it to Charles King-Smith ages ago - is he still sailing her? thx sf

PS - there's more - I'm also looking for 1133 and 3183 but plenty of time! ;)

Dave Cornish posted this 24 April 2013

I believe Charles still has 133 but it's a long time since I've seen it on the water. Was 3183 Roy Rowley's? He's not been in a dinghy for some time either. John Rushton recently tidied it up for sale but I'm not sure where it's gone. Roy or John would know.

Simon Fitzpatrick posted this 24 April 2017

Well, I liberated Solo 133 and she now lives by the River Aln in Northumberland - still tough as old boots and getting ready for another season. I've also acquired No. 76 who is in poor shape but who is drying out prior to a serious refit - built a couple of years earlier than 133, she is made of very thin 3-ply which appears to dissolve in water.. Still on the lookout for 2864 - if anyone knows of her whereabouts, please let me know. 3183 popped up on Fb recently - looks to be in good shape - hope she finds a good home..! best wishes simonf

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