Best hull for a heavyweight?

Andrew Osborne posted this 22 November 2016

Looking to get a new solo and wondering what people think is the best hull for a estuary/sea sailor at the 14.5 stone mark?

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Guy Mayger posted this 22 November 2016

Hi Andrew, Lots of people looking, but no replies? Ok, here are my thoughts... others, feel free to slap me down/offer further thoughts.

The reality is that there is probably not much in it between any of the builds/shapes. Based on my brief 3 years experience in the class (others have much more than I) the general thought is that the Boon/Ovington and Winder Mk2 have a bit more rocker and (possibly) carry weight a little better than the lower rocker shapes like the Winder Mk1, Beer and others. That said, there are certainly plenty of folk sailing a hull shape that would go against that theory and getting great results.

I would say that having the right rig is at least as/more important and at your weight you'd certainly be looking at a D+ or Cumulus or Superspar equivalent, on the stiff side basically. Of course, there are lots of different sailmakers to help customise things further. Full, medium and flat cuts being available. Some like one over the other whatever weight they might be. Likewise, some might suggest a stiffer foil package, although I've know idea if anyone has fully looked into this to give a qualified answer?

The above is very much theory and once on the race course all of that gets thrown out the window and it's down to setting up your rig correctly and sailing smart... which for me and many others has been the big attraction of the class. Clearly lots of us are less smart than we thought :-) A bit of fitness can certainly help in breezier/sea conditions too.

For me (at 83-87kgs), I've just switched from a Boon to the Winder Mk2 for no other reason than I wanted to treat myself to a new boat as a 50th birthday present :-) Spent months pondering this same question and had finger poised to click "buy" on a Mk1, Mk1a and a Beer, all of which I'm sure I'd have been equally happy with. Interestingly, from the perceived wisdom I've picked up I imagined the Boon and Mk2 would be similar, but the Mk2 definitely feels a little tippier and a more nose "divey" by comparison. Faster/slower? Well, I seem to be finishing with similar results to the Boon ;-) Biggest thing is that I miss my black thwart and centreboard casing... that looked fast!

If you know any sailors of a similar stature to yourself you could look up there hull and rig choices here

Hopefully others will give there thoughts and get you more confused :-) Cheers, Guy 5691

Ian Mcdonald posted this 23 November 2016

I agree with Guy. The differences are tiny and are only allowed within rules based on giving tolerances to wooden, hand built boats 30+ years ago. Surely rig,sail and your own personal view is more important?. With such a long lasting and strong boat, the builders need to come up with something new to encourage sailors to buy new, but I am unsure how much difference a top sailor would find.

David Greening posted this 23 November 2016

With such a long lasting and strong boat, the builders need to come up with something new to encourage sailors to buy new, but I am unsure how much difference a top sailor would find.

Totally agree that much is in the rigs ... also need to consider the set up that works for you and your venue.

The residual values are so strong I am not sure that the builder's need to change the product, 8 new boats on order from Salcombe.

Ian Mcdonald posted this 23 November 2016

Sorry David didnt mean that changes are needed, just that the existing builders will "sell" any differences to encourage people to buy new (perfectly reasonable)

Ian Barnett posted this 25 November 2016

I would never have guessed Guy was 50.

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