How to repair damaged wooden gunwhale

David Whatton posted this 26 April 2016

The wooden gun whale on my solo has been damaged - 1 dent on edge and 1 dent plus split about 2cm long. What is the best way to repair this or where can you suggest I take it to be repaired (accessible fromWolverhampton)

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Andy Willcocks posted this 27 April 2016

Scarph in piece of same variety of timber is the professional repair. If the boat is not top condition you may be happy with filling with epoxy and fillers to match colour. Andy ASW Boatbuilding

Ian Mcdonald posted this 30 April 2016

Speak to Phil Scott at Dinghtec (near NEC) 07973720732_ very good quality and price,have used him for years

Graham Tapper posted this 07 May 2016

For a relatively small dent as this you should be able to pare back with a 1 inch flat backed sharp chisel. Make a wedge shaped indent with two flat faces. The open angle between them should be about 130 degrees so that you have plenty of gluing area and the edges will blend together better with the insert filler piece. The piece to insert into this angle is cut to the same degree and fitted by trial end error until no gap is seen. Once you are satisfied with the fit, waterproof glue in place and hold insert securely with strong self adhesive tape. Leave to set in place overnight. Finally pare back the oversize piece with a small hand plane or spoke shave until it blends with the gunnel and no edge is showing proud.

Last Edited 07 May 2016

David Whatton posted this 07 May 2016

Thanks for all the advice it is very helpful.

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