how to replace sail numbers

Eddie Kay posted this 27 October 2016

Ive got a unused dacron Batt solo sail, wrong numbers, they appear to be glued on,would be grateful for any advice how to remove please.

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Guy Mayger posted this 27 October 2016

Hi Eddie, I've not tried this myself, but it sounds like a good alternative to using solvent to remove the old glue. From the OK forum.... Best thing to do is after you have peeled off the numbers rub talcum powder onto the sail, the glue will fall off after a couple of uses and wont damage the sail or leave any marks or stains. top tip from greg wilcox and works really well.

Greg adds... just remember to put the new numbers on before the talcum powder. Just put them over whatever glue is left. Rub the powder over the whole lot afterwards or else the new numbers won't stick. If you use solvent or petrol it will make the cloth weaker and it will break down a lot faster.

Sounds like good advice. To actually remove the old numbers carefully lift an edge/corner and they should peel off no problem.

Cheers, Guy

Nick Marden posted this 27 October 2016

P&B market something in a can called "Sail Number Remover." Not sure what is in it but it has worked OK for me in the past.


stewart eaton posted this 31 October 2016

The sail number glue remover is great. Also excellent for removing self-adhesive tape glue from hulls etc


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