Innes Armstrong posted this 5 Weeks ago

have solo specific mag gone out yet? Also membership stickers etc

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Will Loy posted this 4 Weeks ago

Hi Innes, the mag will be touching down on your door mat shortly. Regarding membership stickers, this year we have decided to save some money and not issue them but if there is a ground swell of opposition then we may well distribute them next year. If any of you are unsure if you are a member or not then you can contact our temporary Membership Secretary, Andrew Thompson on the email. As explained previously, your web collect account should show your current status. I promise we will make this easier by 2018, we already have auto renewal ready for then! Regs, Will

Mark Harper posted this 4 Weeks ago

Boat Sticker: Shame.. I would like to see it back for 2018. I use as an 'advert', to encourage maybe the non association casual club Solo owner to persuade them join NSCA…Rgds. Mark H.

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Mike Shaw posted this 4 Weeks ago

I agree it's a shame, I'm sure it helps to promote the NSCA, and is better than just relying on word of mouth. Best, Mike.

Ian Mcdonald posted this 4 Weeks ago

I assume the magazine has to be glossy full colour to satisfy sponsors and generate cash from adverts. Some nice articles and info but surely could be black and white in a smaller format. A members sticker with requirement to display is the best advert at club level and could be bought with the savings from the magazine costs.

Chris Brown posted this 4 Weeks ago

Do not forget , if you have not had a mag by the 7th April it probable means your not a member check your web collect details please, i like the mag as it is , yes the stickers are a good idea to see who is member or not, but hopefully soon there will be a list of members so fleet captains can check easy ,

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