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Simon Verrall posted this 30 January 2017

I hope this doesn't turn into a how long is a piece of string conversation but I'm wondering how long the strops should be that hold the main sheet blocks to the boom?

Perhaps I'm pulling too hard on the sheet, but going upwind my blocks are often touching. The leech is still quite open so I'm wondering if the strops are too long? End to end they're 160mm - is there a recommended length or does anyone have any advice?

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Ian Mcdonald posted this 31 January 2017

the strops are there to shorten the main sheet. pull the main and kicker hard on and then shorten the strops so there is still a gap between the blocks

Simon Verrall posted this 31 January 2017

Thanks Ian.

Guy Mayger posted this 31 January 2017

Hi Simon, 160mm sounds about the right length. As Ian says, the strop saves a bit of extra mainsheet in the boat. You mention your blocks are touching, is that the one on the traveller touching the one of the strop? If so, is your traveller block also on a strop of some sort as I would suggest there is normally a 6 inch gap (approx) between the boat blocks and the boom blocks on my boat and I sail with quite a lot of rake. Certainly you don't want the boom strops so long that you start to lose mechanical advantage. Cheers, G

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