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Simon Fitzpatrick posted this 10 March 2017

Morning Recently taken ownership of Solo no. 76 - she needs a bit of work.... Can someone recommend the sort of timber I should be using for the internal stringers, gunwhales and the hog please? No rush - she's still drying out.... best rgds


Solo 133, 76

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Ian Mcdonald posted this 11 March 2017

I would speak to Tony Thresher ( search tony thresher boatbuilder) mega experienced on building Solos and a VERY nice bloke

Charlie Tolcher posted this 17 March 2017

Simon, I'm not sure if you have sorted out your timber question. But I can give you some pointers. Internal stringers can be made from a softwood such as spruce or cedar, as this is out of sight and you can coat this with an epoxy sealer (SP Eposeal for example) or epoxy resin. The hog and gunwales could be from mahogany or english cherry depending on sourcing this hardwood. Be careful using sycamore or ash as they discolour when the varnish or epoxy coating is damaged and water is absorbed. The darker woods do not get so affected. Robbins of Bristol can supply these woods or look for a local supplier of joinery grade timber, where you can select your materials. also make sure that the wood is not to heavy as some species are heavier than others. You might find using the epoxy sealer better than the resin as it soaks deeper in the wood and drys quicker, but it is very toxic so read the user and safety notes. For gluing older damper boats epoxy sometimes struggles so cascomite or aerolite adhesive might work better if the timber is not fully dried out. Be careful when using stainless steel screws as some of them are a lower grade A2 spec, try to get A4 (316 grade). Otherwise they will stain the timber when they oxidize in time. The Gudgeon Brothers book on boatbuilding from the 1970's has a list of useable timbers and the different techiques using WEST epoxy resins, which have been improve over the last few years. I hope this is of use, Charlie

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Graham Don posted this 18 March 2017

Use of a hot air gun aids penetration of epoxy greatly. see sp web site ( for hints and tips. 106 resin good for internal use colour can vary batch to batch but not an issue when internal coating or use with fillers. GD

Eddie Kay posted this 28 April 2017

Hi Simon, if you are interested, I have two full sheets and some off-cuts of aqua marine mahogany 4mm ply, purchased from Bobbins twenty years ago also a lump of solid mahogany 2100x350x25mm, I would want what I paid thity pounds apiece, but carriage would be extra, I still have the invoices. you can call me 07745385257

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