Open Meeting Entry Fees

Richard Allen posted this 18 April 2017

I am interested to know what clubs are charging for one day Open events. In our case we are providing hot food at lunchtime. Any info welcome, Richard

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Ian Mcdonald posted this 20 April 2017

Blithfield charges £15 for a one day single handed event. Having decent food is an essential, but including its cost in the entry puts off those with dietry needs and those who always bring their own sarnies.

Steve Ede posted this 21 April 2017

Ardleigh charge £12 for our Solo open, this includes unlimited hot drinks all day, lunch and cakes with the prizegiving. We don't try to make lots of money from the day; we're more interested in giving visitors a great experience of the club. Speaking as someone who does lots of opens I'd say the typical range is £10 - £15. Cheers

Dave Cornish posted this 21 April 2017

Banbury (tomorrow!) is £10 entry, £5 for lunch and cakes. I think we charge a bit more for two-handers.

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