Rutland 8th September Training day at Rutland this year was a more moderate affair than usual with only space for 8 Trainees. Coach for the day was Derek Jackman, assisted by Nick Fisher.

The day started overcast with drizzle, the 8 Trainees had their boats rigged and ready to go by 9.30. The order of the day was to brief the helms on the procedures of the day. Our first exercise was a diamond pattern leaving the buoys to port, as in normal Solo racing, this gives a good indication of pointing ability, boat speed, tacking and gybing. This was succeeded by the same course being reversed and all marks left to Stb’d. This was to simulate more of the type of course roundings set at club races, is your Port rounding/gybing better than a stb’d rounding? Having looked at the general standard of control the group then moved on to a game of “follow the leader”. With the Helms now lined up following the Coach boat speed was increased and reduced to make the Helms react to the situation, as found at large open meetings, tacking and gybing as the boat changed direction. Debrief followed by lunch and a quick briefing for the afternoon session. The intention was to practice Trigger starts, however the wind died and it was back to the shore for some rigging discussion. After a few minutes the wind filled in so it was back on the water. Practice starts within a box to contain the boats and simulate a congested start line. 3 minutes passed and it was off. The wind meanwhile, had decided that it would shift 30 degrees so the leaders changed their windward mark to compensate! Luckily the others followed a good decision. The wind kept shifting until 90 degrees from original, making course setting difficult. After a while the wind steadied and off we went again. Shortly after this the wind backed 90 degrees to its original direction and like the Runaway Train it Blew, Blew Blew. Capsizes, boats in irons called an end to the day and we headed in chased by the white horses and the sound of thunder with flashes of lightning. A final debrief and discussion with some references which whilst helping people to retain the information should not be published in a public forum and l will leave it to your imagination.

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