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Barrie Woodhall posted this 20 June 2016

Is it possible for the association to issue an updated tuning guide as the current guide appears somewhat dated. I know you can view sailmakers sites but I think our own site should reflect set ups currently in use. I know the D+ is generally used as a basis in the guides available, however this mast is generally used with a cut out to achieve more mast rake so it would be interesting to identify if any alternative settings are used for masts which cannot have a cut out such as a C section.

Barrie Woodhall 5474

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Will Loy posted this 18 August 2017

Hi Malcolm, from your description it sounds like your Winder hull was decked by Vic Crawshaw. It is possible that the bulkhead was constructed as close to section 1 as possible where as the later hulls have moved the bulkhead further forward. If you wish to achieve the modern set up with the mast at 3065-70 then you will need the bulkhead rebuilt further forward. If this is possible is down to a builder to discuss. What I will say is that more rake assists upwind but is detrimental to downwind speed. Good luck. Will

malcolm cross posted this 17 August 2017

I would love to set my boat up as per set up sheet but I cant get anywhere near what you other guys are getting . From the very outset if I measure from the front of my mast to the outside of the transom I can only achieve 3052 and if I go to the back of the bulk head to outside the transom it is still only 3054. My boat is a mk 1 winder hull , Crawshaw top sides. How can I get close to HD sails set up?

Barrie Woodhall posted this 02 July 2016

I think that using one mast heel position is the way to go and as you state mast rake/mast bend can be altered with shrouds and forestay. I think that adjusting the heel as well gives too many options when you are trying to work out what is best for yourself. I have certainly decided on one heel position and have started playing around with differing shroud/forestay settings.

David Greening posted this 01 July 2016

I think that you may find that some North proponents are on 3070 and don't adjust heel position, but might adjust rake. The key issue is that shortening shrouds or forestay will limit mast bend, powering up the leech, so you really need to find what works for you ... Are you looking for power, or do you want an open leech? Is your priority upwind speed or downwind speed? So perhaps understanding your rig, and the ability to repeat settings might me more important than the exact numbers. It is fair to say that there were some pretty extreme amounts of rake set ups at WPNSA.

Barrie Woodhall posted this 01 July 2016

It is interesting to compare North and HD (with cut out masts). North vary the mast heel form 3052 (light air) to 3065 (heavy air), HD keep the same heel setting 3070 for all conditions. North adjust the forestay to give a 5mm gap to the gate, HD have no gap and loosen the forestay for light & heavy airs. It would appear that HD are generally sailing with more rake. Is this a difference in a Boon boat against a Winder MK2 or a particular sailors technique?

David Greening posted this 30 June 2016

I am pretty sure that the North Tuning guide is still pretty well on the money. This still uses the cut out. I think if you talk to them they will suggest that when the mast is loaded up the back of the web does not touch the back of the gate, so the rake is the same, however it is harder to set up in a static situation. I have a cut out, most of the bent masts a few years back were due to an anealing problem, not due to the cut out, and in anycase your mast is out of warranty after a year. There is a bit of video of Pete Mitchell at WPSNA who talks through his set up with Will.

Ian Mcdonald posted this 30 June 2016

One of Andy's ex boats was at our club and definitely had a mast cut out. HD sails tuning sheet includes a D+ with cut out, presumably this what Andy still uses? certainly he was last night

Barrie Woodhall posted this 30 June 2016

One of Andy's ex boats was at our club and definitely had a mast cut out. HD sails tuning sheet includes a D+ with cut out, presumably this what Andy still uses?

Ian Mcdonald posted this 30 June 2016

and after watching Andy Davis relaxed and fast in 30 mph gusts at Blithfield last night, I realise I need more than a tuning sheet!

Ian Mcdonald posted this 28 June 2016

at 6 ft 2 with ageing knees and an old boat with less option to rake, i am happy with my boom height, but would be interesting to know how many are taking a chance with the mast cutout in the hope of more speed

Barrie Woodhall posted this 28 June 2016

I know it was a topic sometime ago, Selden now issue a disclaimer on their website stating warranty is invalid if mast is cut out.

Barrie Woodhall 5474

Last Edited 28 June 2016

Ian Mcdonald posted this 27 June 2016

would be interesting to know how many mast failures involve cutaway tracks

Barrie Woodhall posted this 27 June 2016

Thanks Paul, I will do so, I have read most of the sailmakers and suppliers tuning guides and it is interesting to compare the various set ups. Regarding Ian's comment I do not think some of the mast rakes are achievable without a mast cut out.

Barrie Woodhall 5474

Paul Playle posted this 27 June 2016

Barrie if you e-mail me, I will send you what I have prepared for Morgan sails tuning guide. paul_playle2000@yahoo.co.uk

Ian Mcdonald posted this 21 June 2016

I thought Selden had identified cutting the mast as cancelling the warranty? so all masts are now used intact?

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