Alternate positioning of Correctors

Dear members,

the rule proposal regarding alternate positioning of correctors, which was voted for at the 2017 A.G.M has now been approved by RYA technical and so, is now legal.

If I can draw your attention to the rule D 9.4 (a) and A.11.1. This requires any sailor who subsequently moves their corrector weights to obtain a new measurement certificate noting the new positions.

D.9.4 HULL CORRECTOR WEIGHTS (a) Corrector weights of any material shall be permanently fastened to the aftermost end of the centreboard case or to the underside of the centre thwart, or a combination of both locations, when the hull weight is less than the minimum requirement. (b) Total weight of corrector weights …………………………………………….3kg

A.11 HULL CERTIFICATION A.11.1 A certificate shall record the following information: (a) Class (b) Certification authority (c) Owner name and address (d) Sail number issued by the RYA (e) Boat Name, if one has been chosen (f) Shell material and deck material. (g) Builders details, including date built, (h) Date of issue of initial certificate (i) Date of issue of current certificate (j) Date measurement completed (k) The names of the relevant official measurers (l) Hull weight as per D.9.3 (m) Total number of Correctors, total Corrector Weight and position of corrector weights.

Thanks to RYA Tech for fast tracking this rule change.

Will Loy President

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