Midland Series - 2015

There are currently no events for this year yet.

Area Reps Report

That’s it for another year, the 2015 Rooster Midland Series has finished. Well done to Stuart Hydon for winning and well done all who qualified. We have had a good year with some good winds and well run Opens. I'm please to report that we saw an increase in the numbers attending our open meetings and a big increase in the number who qualified. Stuart Hydon won the series with a very impressive display of small lake sailing; I believe he is the best small lake sailor in the country, well done Stuart. The first person over 60, Grandmaster was won by Keith Lancaster. 

The final series results were;



Stuart Hydon



Chris Brown



Ian Ingram

Earlswood Lakes


Nigel Davies



Kev Hall



Keith Lancaster



Kevin Andrews

Notts County


Brian Fisher

Notts County


Kevin Hopkins



Ian Hopwood

Leigh and Lowton


Tony Hanan



Jonathon Woodward

South Staffs


Graham Wilson



Tim Gray

Staunton Harold


Nigel Pybus

Draycote Water


Clive Gimson

Notts County


Dave Day



Peter Warne



 All the qualifiers have received a £20 Rooster voucher to spend. If your name is above and you haven’t received a voucher via email please let me know.

A very big thank you to Dave at Rooster for supporting the region and creating the e-vouchers for us. Rooster not only support the Midland region by providing prizes but also give us sailing advice, currently there is an interesting blog on the EOS at Oxford by Steve and advice on Buoyancy aids, all well worth a read and can be found on www.roostersailing.com .  The number of qualifiers was far higher than what I had expected at the start of the year and Rooster very kindly increased their support so that all qualifiers received a meaningful prize. Their support really enhanced the series, I very much hope we can work together next year and build on what we started in 2015.

 Rooster Sailing

In addition to the vouchers the Solo Class has brought prizes of Beer and Wine. These will go to the first 5 and there is a small team prize. Those who attended the EOS have received their prize for those not there I will try and hand them out at the start of the 2016 season. 


A few statistics for the year, average attendance per Open was 22.5, last year we had 13.8, Number of Qualifiers this was 18, in 2014 we had 5, the total number of people who entered our Opens (not including Springs) was 230, in 2014 we had 138.  This has been the best year for attendance since 2010 (I only have records going back to 2010).  A big thank you to the fleet Captains for organising the meetings and a big thank you to the sailors for turning up. A special thanks goes to Notts County and Northampton for the number of people they sent to opens this year.    


I started a team prize this year, it was worked out on the final series position of the top 3 qualifiers from each club added together, eg if Notts county had sailors finishing 3 , 6 and  9 team score would be 18. In the end there were three clubs who had 3 qualifiers, Notts County, Northampton and Draycote. Draycote snuck in at the final event to both qualify for and win the team prize. I have to thank Nigel Pybus for turning up at the final event and thus qualifying for the series and enabling Draycote to win the team prize.


For next year my intention is to have ten or eleven events with four to count. The final number of events is yet to be finalsed as we may have a new venue and not all clubs have requested dates for 2016.   


The Midland events are posted on the Solo web page and on Facebook group ‘Solo Midland Area’ so please take a look and come and join us, we are in the middle of the country so none of you have far to travel!


Nigel Davies.



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