Membership Renewal

The renewal of memberships will occur automatically on the 1st January and annually thereafter until cancelled. If you have paid by DD then you need do nothing UNLESS YOU WISH TO CANCEL, in which case please let the membership secretary know. You will receive a DD notification email around the 1st January and you can cancel your DD before payment if you wish to cancel as well.

If you have paid by Cheque or Bank Transfer then you will receive an email with payment details. YOU WILL STILL NEED TO MAKE THE PAYMENT for your membership to continue. i.e. send the cheque or make the transfer.

If you wish to change your payment method to DD then please make an early renewal manually and you will have the option to do so at this stage, This can be done by visiting here:

 Click here to sign in and renew.

 If paying by Bank Transfer please remember to use your unique payment ref no. !

 Please be assured that although we are automating the process, if you wish to cancel at any stage then you can still do so (up to the point of payment).

 Prefer paper? Please download the renewal form here.


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