Vintage Nationals 2016

Saturday, November 21, 2015

National Solo Vintage Championship 60th Anniversary Event

A Celebration of the National Solo Dinghy

Venue: Draycote Water Sailing Club

Date: August 20-21st (provisional)


  • N.S.C.A Member Equipment;
  • Any Solo with the sail number lower than 4269 Entry Fee To be finalised 
  • Certification not required.

Race Format: 2 races Saturday, 2 races Sunday.

Prize Structure

There will be prizes for race winners and overall positions but the large proportion of the prize fund will be allocated over the weekend to those who enter into the spirit of the event by racing older, 'most authentic for era' Solos'. 

Why no new boats allowed?

There are National Solos' up and down the land that sit idle in the dinghy parks. Stones', Lovetts', Willetts, Seamark Nunns' and Jack Holts' are some of the examples we would like to see at the event. Wood, composite, fibreglass and foam sandwich examples all fall into the allowable criteria as long as they were built before the year 2000. The emphasis of the weekend is to celebrate the birth of the National Solo in 1956 and the different eras of hull form, good and bad! Mountifield, Batt and other vintage sails will be very warmly welcomed. That said, there are many fine examples of Goslings’ Crawshaws etc that we hope to see. Modern rig and laminate sails can be retro fitted too.

Why have we have purposely dis-allowed the most modern Solos'?

The majority of sailors that travel to our 'big' events are seasoned open meeting regulars and it would be these that would turn up to this event in their regular Solo.  The purpose of this event is to embrace the history of the Class, re-juvinate some of the older National Solos' used/unused at club level, incentivise club members to hitch up their old Solo and come and join the party.

What about the open meeting regulars?

No need to bring certification to the event releases you to get down to your local club and beg or borrow an older National Solo. Our hope is that open meeting regulars who know the joy of racing at other venues and mixing with other Solo sailors will motivate the stay at home sailor to hitch the boat up and join the party.  Why not organise a tuning day at your club and do not forget to include some towing tips. This is the chance to impart some of your knowledge to the club sailor. It would also be great to see our finest Solo sailors, Sims, Davis, Cumbley, Tunnicliffe and Mitchell get the best out of an old Solo.  Club Champion  Nominate a 'champion' who will fly the colours for your Club. With over 100 affiliated clubs in the UK, we could have a great competition.  This does not stop you turning up as well though!

Social First race 12pm Saturday 20th August followed by race 2 back to back. Target length of each race being 1.5 hours. Off the water for interviews, showers, appetisers and free beer.  From 5.30pm, live music, food and guest speakers. 8.30pm organised mini buses to accommodation, club bar open till 9.30pm. Sunday First race 11am followed by race 2 back to back. Target length of each race 1 hour. 3pm Prizegiving 4pm Safe journey home.

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