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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hi all, we have a revised format which will hopefully be acceptable to as many members as possible.

There seems to be a good argument to split the fleets in two, pre 4269 (vintage, pre 2000) and Modern (post 2000). The division of the fleets is really a division of the sailors, those who club race and do not tend to travel and are quite content with there pre-2000 hulls and those that do, keeping up with modern trends and attending competitive events. There are also members that do not fit those descriptions and you are invited too!

Having listened to feedback from committee and members, a single fleet race format identified that the less competitive sailors would be put off by racing in the same fleet as the (white boats) not my quote by the way. This we do not want.

So the suggestion is, 

Saturday 20th August Day 1

12pm Vintage Race 1 (45mins)

1pm Modern Race 1 (45mins)

2.30pm Vintage Race 2 (45mins)

3.30pm Modern Race 2 (45mins)

All off the water by 4.30pm. DJ/Food/ Day 1 prizes/Speeches/President's toast to the National Solo.

Sunday 21st August Day 2

10.30am Vintage Race 3 (45mins)

11.30am Modern Race 3 (45mins)

1.pm Single Pursuit Race (60mins)

Start sequence 5/4/1/Zero

Sail number up to and including 1000 starts at zero. 0 is signalled on committee boat number board.

Sail number up to and including 2000 starts at 1 (1 minute after  zero)

Sail number up to and including 3000 starts at 2

Sail number up to and including 4268 starts at 3

All others start at 4.

Competitors must stay clear of the start line so as not to impede earlier starters.

Black flag in place for all starts in the pursuit race.

3.30pm Prize giving.


Vintage Event - 3 races, 2 to count.

Modern Event - 3 races 2 to count.

Overall Event - 3 races including pursuit race.

Authenticity Prize for Vintage

Oldest Hull Prize

First to top mark Prizes x 6

If competitors wish to use a sail that does not match the hull number they must tape out the first number on the sail and notify the PRO in writing.

Can I re-iterate this is a celebration of the National Solo, not the National Championship. We hope as many of you can attend as possible and share in this special occasion.

Booking is available online via Solo Association WebCollect pages. Here is the link direct to the page: https://webcollect.org.uk/solosailing/event/a-celebration-of-the-national-solo-60-years

Will Loy


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