Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Honourable Treasurer

To all members, Dave Walford, our Honourable Treasurer is stepping down at this year’s A.G.M after serving the NSCA for the past 4 years. Dave has done a great job and his financial advice has really been appreciated, especially by myself in my first two years as President of the Class.

The spend on Solo 6000, website development and increased costs, including the magazines have reduced our overall balance and, with the position of Hon. Treasurer now vacant, we really need a volunteer, with some basic financial background to step up to the plate, or we will need to outsource this to a paid individual, which may result in possible subscription increases.

Dave has been kind enough to outline the tasks that are currently undertaken so if you have the skill set to take on this role then please contact myself or any member of the team for further details.

We are developing the website and hope that automatic online renewal and easier usability will alleviate some of the graft done by the Treasurer. We are also putting mechanisms in place for pre-purchase of advertising for 2018 to reduce time spent invoicing and chasing payments.

I am also happy to dissect the role into smaller bite size pieces so the job is less time consuming.

Again, I would publicly like to thank Dave for the amount of work he has given to the NSCA despite professional and family difficulties.

Will Loy President NSCA

The Honourable Treasurer’s Role.

· We currently have circa 900 members

· Subscriptions are due in January each year and payments start to be received from October onwards in the previous year

· Subscriptions are either paid by cheque 30% / direct debit 2% / bank transfer 68% via Webcollect

· Following receipt of cheques these need to be banked with HSBC. Currently this involves circa 20 separate bank paying slips and circa 10 trips to HSBC

· The peak period for receipt of these cheques is between October / April

· During the year circa 110 items are processed manually through the bank account. These range from committee members expenses / receipt of sponsorship income / receipt of Nationals entry fees / dinghy show costs / magazine costs etc

· Each cheque written needs to be posted to the beneficiary - circa 50 a year

· Payments are also made online in settlement of sums owed although the daily limit with HSBC is only £500

· Invoices need to be raised for advertising within Solo Specific - circa 20 a year. Thereafter payment / settlement have to be chased. In this instance probably 20 year

· Monthly receipt of bank statements. We have 4 accounts. Reconciliation against funds received / payments made

· Meetings with accountant to agree the content within the annual accounts - circa 4 meetings a year

· Full reconciliation of the accounts against invoices / payments for the full year does take circa 30 hours

· Receipt and response to emails circa 30 a month · Producing and agreeing an income / expenditure budget for the year


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