Sunday, June 18, 2017

In accordance with the Constitution of the National Solo Class Association, the following proposed Rule Amendments have been received by the Class Secretary, and will discussed and voted upon at the Class AGM to be held on Monday 10th July 2017, at Royal Torbay Yacht Club.

The proposed amendments to the existing rule have been underlined:

Proposal received from the Dutch Solo Class Association

Rule C.5.1 (a) 1 Electronic or mechanical timing devices that do not indicate, transmit or collate data related to wind speed or boat location. The notice of race for an event may amend this rule to permit the use of a watch with additional GPS capability only. 


Proposal received from John Webster
Seconded by Will Loy

Rule D.9.4 (a) Corrector weights of any material shall be permanently fastened to the aftermost end of the centreboard case, or under the centre thwart, when the hull weight is less than the minimum requirement.

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