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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to the new National Solo Class website

It has been a long course with more than a few dodgy shifts along the way but hopefully the new improved site will provide members with a smoother and more informative experience.

For those unable to access the site at login we apologise, our previous host very much forced us into launching before we were completely happy with the running of some of the applications, Webcollect being one of them. Paul Dowman, our website designer, assisted by Andrew Thompson and Membership Secretary Phil Sturmer are doing their utmost to deal with your enquiries asap.

Paul will provide a more detailed explanation of the site and it’s usability shortly so look out for that under the Blog Section.


So what improvements have been made?

As you can see from the home page, the drop down menu contains much of what already existed on the old site, the differences are the overall look of articles, adverts and reports.


There are separate Area Event Calendars and a12 month calendar that shows all events. Our Area reps have the ability to provide reports to include sponsor advertising, photographs and include links to other pages within the site. If you have an event that needs putting on then let your Area rep know asap.


Members have the ability to include photographs with items that you wish to sell. The provision of a modern up to date platform will we hope, greatly improve your selling and buying experience. Gallery Members can now add to the Gallery Section. The new site’s ease of use enables addingand editing of photographs simple. Photographs should be resized to 800 x 600 pixels to reduce the download time and save room on the site. Paul will provide some tips for this asap.

Video Section

The Solo Channel is open to all and will hopefully showcase what a fantastic Class we are! We do eventually hope to provide a facility to download your own Solo videos but that is a work in progress.


Non members can view the Forums but you need to be a member to be involved and at £22, membership is still a great price.

Solo Specific Magazine and the Yearbook

There is a wealth of knowledge within the pages of the last 14 Solo Specific mags, all online in PDF format.


You can request a Blog to share your Solo experiences with the members or just read some others.

Overall, the site is a vessel for the Committee and members to provide information, share, enthuse and promote the National Solo. This is very much a site which requires Committee and member participation. We hope you embrace this ethos and together we can create a site worthy of such a successful Class.

Will Loy

NSCA Class President

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