Ian McGregor Wins the 2017 Sea Series

Friday, October 27, 2017

With a whopping 8 qualifiers this year the 2017 Sea Series was the most competitive one for a number of years. Ian McGregor (Salcombe YC) took the trophy with a great 1,1,2,4 out of ten races around the country. To qualify he had to travel the breadth of the country to Harwich for the last race  (a win)! Jonathan Otter (Papercourt SC) was 2nd and Doug Latta 3rd.

A massive shout-out to Papercourt SC for having 5 out of the 8 qualifiers! They also had another 2 that just missed out on qualification!

The Sea series IS heavily biased to the South Coast however if you know of a Sea based club in other parts of the country that holds a Solo Open meeting then please let us know and we can consider it for inclusion in 2018!

Sea Series prizes will be handed out at the Winter Championship 2018.

Talking of next season the committee are looking for a Sea Series rep for 2018. Please let us know if you are interested!!


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