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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Certification and the RYA

In recent years it has come as a great surprise to many new owners, particularly those coming from manufacturer classes, who don't have hull measurement certificates, that the National Solo class requires valid hull measurement certificates naming the owner (hopefully in the name of the entrant) at our major championships.
If it is a loaned boat, the certificate should be accompanied by a written letter from the owner authorising the use of their boat. While informing the membership about the procedure below, May I remind the membership about the need for measurement certificates to be in the name of the current owner and to leave a reasonable time to obtain them from RYA Technical Dept.
Happy New Year to one and all.

Gordon Barclay
Chief Measurer

RYA Tech
We are always looking at ways to provide better support to your Class Association and the racing events you organise. Over previous years, it has been observed that some of the boats competing at RYA National Class National Championships during 2017 did not have current, valid measurement certificates as required by their class rules. Furthermore, the volume of certificates issued immediately prior to, or during these events, is significant; whether it is a simple change of ownership required or a complete new Measurement Certificate. This requires a lot of staff time to process these requests in a timely manner.
This year we have taken steps to introduce a new system which we hope will be beneficial to all the Class Associations and their sailors, ensuring all boats competing are in compliance with their class rules regarding certification, as well as alleviating pressure on the RYA in the days before the event.
The RYA Technical Department will:
-          Provide Class Associations with links and information to the RYA online measurement certificate service, as well as office contacts for new certificates.
-          Add links to Class Championship pages and event entry on to the RYA website (on the National Class page).
-          Three weeks before the National Championships begins, the RYA will contact the Class to review the entry list for valid certificates, and inform of non-valid entries. If entry is still open to the event or ‘entry on the day’ is accepted, we can arrange a mutually convenient date to do this entry list review.
In return, the Class Associations are requested to:
-          Add links to online measurement renewal on Nationals event webpages, event emails and social media, and add the reminder to ensure competitors have current measurement certificates.
-          Once advised of non-valid certificates by RYA Staff, contact owners with link to update/renew online as applicable, or link to list of measurers in their area. It is hoped that this will alleviate administration work for both the Class Association and the RYA Technical Staff during Registration at the actual event. Furthermore, the Class and sailors can be reassured that fair racing will be taking place with certified boats racing.  

Express Certification Fee
The RYA are introducing a new Express Certificate Fee of £20.00 which will be levied on all certificates issued within one week of the first race of the National Championships, or during the event itself. The Class Association would receive £5.00 per certificate issued. This is in addition to the normal charge of £15/£30 for RYA Members/Non-members. National Class Associations are encouraged to make entrants aware of this ‘express’ service on their event pages and websites and the increased charge, and therefore help the RYA encourage sailors to be organised.
The processes outlined above are aimed at providing an improved service from the RYA to the National Classes and providing fairer racing by ensuring all boats that compete at an RYA National Class Championship are in compliance with their respective class rules. The Express Fee is seen as an incentive for sailors who knowingly enter their class National Championships to do so with all the relevant documentation in place rather than leaving this aspect to the last minute.
The £5 for the Class Association, levied from each Express Certificate Fee, will be totalled and paid to the Class Association in October.

Suzie Holland
RYA Tech

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