Member and Photo Winners March

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Congratulations to John Webster for winning the Magic Marine Class Roots Initiative Member of the Month competition for March. John has been a keen open meeting and championship sailor for a number of years in the Solo and his  enthusiasm at club level is reflected in the quality of the fleet at Carsington.

"I started sailing at the age of 28 years following a broken leg playing football, I was looking for softer landing. Just looking forward to warmer water hopefully later in the season. So 44 years sailing and racing. Sunday was and is always race day, I have a very understanding wife, that said at Carsington we also have a Wednesday PM series which has been very well supported in its 10 month series. Wednesday afternoon/evening racing starts next week. We have an array of dinghies but most times Solo will be the highest number of any one type. After 20 years + in Scorpions middle age spread took over so got into 505’s, what a fantastic boat to sail.

These days sailing Solo, racing Solo, talking Solo and promoting Solo is where I am at. Long live the Solo dinghy and fleet.

The best way to keep sailing fit is keep doing it. “There is no such thing as bad weather just bad dress sense” that said if its white caps all over the course, these days I think twice. Looking forward to see as many Solo’s as possible on the start line for the Solo Northern championships 12/13 May at Carsington. Not forgetting the Springs at Draycote 7th April.

Regards and good health to all, keep it flat, tack on the shifts and always try to sail in clear wind and as a good friend once said “head out of the boat so you don’t miss a trick”, are you ready for the next gust coming?"
John Webster

Congratulations to Paul Lucas who wins the Magic Marine Photo of the Month for March. The Avon Sailing Club sailor was captured burying his Solo into the back of a wave following a gust from hell. He survived but I doubt the mast did.

“The first sailing event each year at Avon SC is the White Bear Trophy, and I believe that these photos date from 2004. The photographer was ASC club member Peter Keighley.

The photo was taken by Peter Keighley at Avon SC as I moved my weight forward from the transom thinking this would allow me to gybe. Mistake! Net result was a big nosedive stopping the boat (the rig carried on however) with a resultant big bend in the mast and a capsize! The next picture in the series make this all too clear!

I moved to Solos in about 1993. 3904 was my second, replacing 3643, and purchased from Peter Bond at Severn Sailboats. I kept her for many years - a lovely boat. I sold her to Robin Tothill at Leigh-on-Sea, where she has been involved in further adventures. Quite some time after letting her go, my wife had a call from the police on the Isle of Sheppey. 3904 had washed up on the coast, but with no-one on board. My wife managed to contact me, and to my great relief I was able to contact Robin who was safe and well. It appears that some xxxxxxx's had taken her from her rack at Leigh-on-Sea and launched her into the Thames Estuary, and she had crossed the estuary by herself before washing up on Sheppey. Robin reported that apart from some scratches she appeared unharmed, and as far as I know he is still sailing her.

I now sail 5106 at Bowmoor SC and last year I purchased in addition (from a certain Mr.C.Brown) 4572 to sail at Avon SC.”

Best regards,
Paul Lucas

Both winners receive Magic Marine e-vouchers.

Please do contact your fleet captain or a committee member with your nomination/photo for the April competition.

Will Loy




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