Magic Marine Member of the Month February

Friday, February 23, 2018

Graham Cranford Smith writes,

"It is my great honour to have interviewed this month’s “Magic Marine, Solo Class Roots winner”. I give you Adrian Griffin, Solo Fleet Captain, Salcombe Yacht Club.

We meet Adrian in the kitchen of his country seat in Salcombe. He is conventionally attired for our discussion. Namely, chinos, deck shoes, and that is it.

(Adrian collecting a trophy from the great Keith Musto in 2009, his gesture towards his Salcombe fans, filled with warmth).

“So Adrian” we enquire, “When did you first set foot in a Solo and where was this?”

[Adrian Griffin] “1970 – Smalls Cove, when I bought 207. This was an Alec Stone built boat. All wood, including the mast.”

“How long did you keep this?”

[Adrian Griffin] I kept this boat until 1974 when I sold it to buy an MGA and thereafter went rallying”. (Note. Briefings, are always referred to as “Driver’s briefings” by Adrian, as a result.)

“How many Solos have you owned?”

[Adrian Griffin] In all six.

207 – purchased from Chris Waterfield for £110 in 1970
2254 – purchased s/h in 1983 - composite, Kingsbridge Industrial Plastics / Alec Stone (a bit heavy)
3247 – ex. Harold Cranch, Malcolm Bell, Martin Payne – all wood Lovett
4587 Winder MkI – ex Alister Morley
5306 – Winder MkI - new
5734 – Winder MkII – new”

(Left to right: Andrew Borne, Billy Jago, Chris Cleaves, unknown, Stuart Cartwright, Malcolm Bell, Adrian Griffin, Alister Morley, Julian Meek. Solo sailors all)Which was your favourite?

[Adrian Griffin] “3247 for its looks; 5734 for its performance”

What is your favourite Solo memory?

[Adrian Griffin] Winning the pursuit race in 2009 and being presented the award by Keith Musto

What is your worst?

[Adrian Griffin] How long have you got? Probably Torbay this summer, no wind, too much ballast, got beaten by my old boat

(Mounts Bay 2012)

How long have you been Solo SYC fleet captain?

[Adrian Griffin] Not sure, it was so long ago, presumably since 2007, at least, as I remember doing the SYC ‘Christmas Card’ photo that summer ready to send to our regatta visitors in December.

To what do you attribute your success as Solo fleet captain?[Adrian Griffin] Communication, plus I don’t think anyone else wants the job!

Adrian, thank you.

Graham Cranford Smith

Congratulations Adrian, a gentleman on the water, an inspirational fleet captain off it, and the February Magic Marine Member of the Month.

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