January Photo Challenge Underway

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Magic Marine Photo Challenge
Send us a photo of you sailing your Solo and if you win you will receive a £50 Magic Marine voucher.
Visit our Area Facebook pages or email your photo to ; [email protected]

You have until the end of January to submit your photo with;

1. The photographers permission

2. Your details and why you think your photo should win.

Above; December Photo Challenge Winner Jake Willars

Magic Marine Club Member of the Month

With this at the forefront of both the NSCA and Magic Marine and working closely with our Fleet Captains and Area Representatives,
we will be rewarding one lucky NSCA club member per month, nominated by their club for a noteworthy deed or outstanding performance.
Maybe it will be one of our more senior members who has gone Solo sailing in brutally cold conditions, likewise, a junior member who’s enthusiasm for the Solo inspires other younger sailors to sail the Solo.
The lucky winner will have his/her story published on our website and on our area Facebook pages and will receive a Magic Marine £50 gift voucher.

We already have one nomination but do not make this easy for him/her. There are sailors up and down the country who are worthy of a Magic Marine discount voucher so state your case to your fleet captain and they will contact the team before the end of January deadline.

Magic Marine stands for performance based sailing gear covering a wide range of disciplines. The brand pushes to be one step ahead recognising the range of conditions that sailors are exposed to; where faster sailing, longer sessions and more extreme weather is experienced. The brand is driven by sailors, for sailors and is pushed by all that the water offers to us, as sailors. Rain, snow, wind or sun;

'Driven by the Elements'.

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