20 year rolling qualification

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The NSCA have set a 20 year rolling qualification for Solos wishing to enter any "vintage" event. We are conscious that there are many older Solos raced at clubs across the UK and these also serve as an entry level, affordable alternative to buying from new. Leigh on Sea S.C. have a very successful fleet of sub 4000 sail number National Solos and they have kindly offered to host the inaugural Vintage Championship on Saturday 14th July and adopt this rolling scale for this event


Below is a guide for qualification.

Solos that are 20 years old or more on the first of January as listed in the Dutch database.
2018 sail number 4168
2019 sail number 4201
2020 sail number 4269
2021 sail number 4333
2022 sail number 4388
2023 sail number 4445

While we have named this criteria as vintage, in truth, National Solos of 20 years or more can and are, still competitive. Quite happy to entertain alternative naming of this criteria. Having raced Solo 186 to 25th at the 2010 Inland Championship I can vouch for the longevity. FRP hulls will be included and will be eligible to enter the 2021 event (if it proves popular). 

We, the committee believe that this event will attract sailors who are either new to the fleet and have bought an entry level Solo, and sailors who treasure their older Solo and would like to enter an event free from the front end competitiveness associated with our major events.

More info on the event and prize structure, which will include rewarding authenticity and age (of hull, not competitor) to follow. 

Robin Tothill, fleet captain of Leigh on Sea explains the ethos of their sub 4000 fleet below.

Will Loy


"The Solos at the Leigh -on-Sea Sailing Club (LSC) make up one of the largest one design racing fleets along the local foreshore and beyond. In 2011, as an alternative to handicap fleet racing, it was decided, over a few beers on a Friday night at the Club, to introduce a one design dinghy class, which would offer close racing at an affordable cost to a wide range of Club members. To protect this ethos of affordable racing and to maximize the appeal of the Class, the LSC agreed to keep Solo sail numbers below 4000. The small fleet gathered momentum and now numbers 30.

The elderly fleet has required some TLC, this has drawn owners together creating a strong camaraderie amongst the fellow competitors. Toolboxes are never too far away from the launching trolleys. Once on the water the LSC Solo fleet is an impressive sight and acts an advert for the Class, sustaining the growth of the fleet.


The success of the Class was noted early on as its popularity was being measured by increased bar profits much to the delight of the Club’s General Committee.

Racing amongst the LSC Solos is competitive, enjoyable and far from processional. The Club’s racing calendar begins at Easter and concludes at Christmas, this entails five series a year and many single race trophies. The results bear out the close quarter racing with a different helm winning each of the series in the 2017 season. Often winners and losers are separated by just seconds over a one or two hour race.

The LSC has a long history of racing and as well as the Solo Fleet has active Enterprise and Cruiser Classes. The Club, founded in 1911, has its headquarters in the original Leigh Railway Station building, which dates back to 1855 and situated at the end of Old Leigh High Street. The views over the Thames Estuary from the Clubhouse are magnificent and have been inspirational to generations of sailors. In the Club’s history there have been winners in the Mirror Dinghy Class, including a National, European and World Champion. There was also a GP 14 National Champion in the Club’s past.

The Club is known for its hospitality and warm welcome to visiting yachtsmen and has hosted Open Meetings for Solos as well as other classes. The club hosted its first Solo Open Meeting in 2013 and subsequent annual meetings have shown good numbers taking part with local sub 4000 boats taking on the visitors. In 2017 the LSC hosted the Solo Eastern Areas."

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