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Sunday, May 12, 2019

The NSCA, with generous sponsorship from Salcombe Gin are proud to announce the inaugural Salcombe Gin Classics which embraces some of the stellar events on the 2019 calendar.

The first 'Salcombe Gin Classic' is the Vintage Championship, sponsored by P&B and with additional support from Rooster sailing and will be held at the home of vintage Solos, Leigh on Sea. There are a number of Solos available so please contact Colin Walker at [email protected] if you would like to take part

The second Classic is a real humdinger, the Nation's Cup in Carnac. There are some stunning examples of vintage Solos still racing in Holland. The Dutch really know how to renovate and many are still at minimum weight. Geoff Carveth's winning Lovett from 1983, Bungler is based there and I hope to see one of the classics have a blue moon moment during the championship...every dog has it's day! We are also hoping to see some of the growing Portuguese fleet in Carnac, they also have some classic Solos. Jose Francisco Veloso has done a huge amount to build the class there and I look forward to celebrating the Solo over a beer with Marc and Jose

A future Nation's Cup in Lagos is being discussed!

What I do know is that Salcombe Gin will be a worthy prize for the effort that has been put into these older Solos.

Our own National Championship at WPNSA will form the third classic and I hope owners of vintage solos (over 20 years old) will not be put off by the hundred or so FRP Solos that should be there. it will certainly make my job easier as cameraman to pick out the coloured hulls of the older craft from the white hulls that are the chosen colour since 2000. The class are trialling split fleet starts at the Pusinelli Trophy, if successful then this may be used at the nationals making starts less intimidating. Alternatively, gate starts are great footage for me

The final Classic qualifier will be our Inland Championship and I anticipate a strong turnout at Rutland which is a great stretch of flat water

The Classics are not a series so just turn up at any of the events and show off your pride and joy. There are many sailors who now sail the modern FRP counterparts who commend the efforts of the few

I will be at all of the events and will be focusing my camera on some of the beautifully built wooden Solos that once upon a time were the cutting edge of the Solo class.

Will Loy


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