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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

In past years the Super Series has comprised the main events organised by the NSCA namely Winter Champs, Spring Champs, Nations Cup, Pusinelli Trophy, UK & Dutch Nationals, Inland Champs and End of Season Champs as well as the best of a competitors result from the Regional Championships with a minimum of 4 events to be counted.

This year, the Regional Championships will not be part of the Super Series, and with the Winter Champs already cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic the remaining events will be used to determine the Super Series.  As in previous years it will be your top 4 events to count, but if some of the early events are cancelled then we may consider a reducing number of events to be scored.  If you don’t manage the 4 events then you will just score your DNC (no of competitors in the series plus one), so you can really see where you are as the results get updated.  But as in previous years, it usually comes down to the wire.

In each of the regions, namely Eastern, Southern, Western, Thames Valley, Midlands, Northern and Scottish there are between 10 and 12 events scheduled one of which will be the Area Championship.  For each region, again 4 events will count but the Area Championship can be counted twice.

There is also the Sea Series, which is taken from a number of our best sailing locations around the coast.  These events aren’t organised separately, they are just part of other regional events but scored separately. 

2021 sees the inaugural Classic Tour, and here again events are taken from clubs located around the country with one event from every region.

Watch out for more information on the main website news and regional news pages, as well as on our Facebook groups. 

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