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Friday, March 26, 2021

Solo Class: rule changes/Mike Wilkie. Summary outcomes.

As promulgated to the class on the 23rd February, we held a special general meeting at 19:00 on Thursday 25th March by zoom call. The meeting was chaired by Class President, Doug Latta; and addressed by myself, Hon Sec. Graham Cranford Smith and Chief Measurer Nick Hornsby. Numbers fluctuated in the course of the virtual meeting. No less than sixty nine voting members attended. Maximum seventy three.. However the quorum of fifteen voting members ex General Committee, was met.


Here follows the summary outcomes of the meeting. We will post formal minutes in due course.  


Mike Wilkie

Though not part of the formal proceedings, Doug Latta recorded that Mike Wilkie is a veteran of the Solo class of forty years. He is well known and a friend to all of us. Mike has reluctantly had to retire from Solo sailing on medical grounds.  In recognition of his loyalty to the Solo class over four decades, the meeting was pleased to present Mike with a superb photograph of him sailing his Solo at Hayling Island in 2019 taken by Will Loy. We were also delighted to confer on Mike honorary life membership of the National Solo Class Association.

We all wished Mike a long and happy retirement from Solo racing and every happiness in racing radio controlled model yachts.


Rule Changes.

The meeting addressed six resolutions to “tidy up” and clarify the class rules to reflect the format of contemporary fit out. The meeting rehearse certain pros and cons and provided an explanation of the rationale behind the resolutions.  These were the following:

Resolution 1. To adopt OPTIONAL mast mounted halyard cleat below lower mast limit height.     

Voting: 67 – FOR  2 AGAINST.  97% in favour. CARRIED.

Resolution 2. To adopt OPTIONAL mast mounted halyard lock above lower mast limit height.       

Voting: 56 – FOR. 13 AGAINST. 81% in favour. CARRIED.

Resolution 3. To adopt OPTIONAL mast mounted sail tack inhaul blocks and fittings.                         

Voting: 72 – FOR.  1 AGAINST. 91% in favour. CARRIED.

Resolution 4. To adopt OPTIONAL mast deck collar. 

Voting: 70 – FOR. 0 AGAINST. 100% in favour. CARRIED.

Resolution 5. To adopt OPTIONAL Shroud and/or deck chafe pads.                                                            

Voting: 70 – FOR. 0 AGAINST. 100% in favour. CARRIED.

Resolution 6. To adopt OPTONAL single layer soft non-slip material to the hull.                                   

Voting: 68 – FOR. 2 AGAINST.  97% in favour. CARRIED.


To all those who attended and voted, sincere thanks.


Graham Cranford Smith Hon. Secretary. National Solo Class Association.

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