Solo Spring Championships Virtual Regatta Saturday 9th May

Monday, May 4, 2020

In the absence of any 'real sailing' for the foreseeable future we are planning a Virtual Regatta which should be great fun!! 

The National Solo Spring Championship commencing this Saturday 9th May.

It really is as close to actual sailing as we can get right now so please do download it yourselves and enter the event. The software takes you through some starter sessions to enable you to get comfortable with movement, VMG etc.
The championship is being run by Andrew Voysey and Alex Butler who have been running a series of successful regattas for the HISC fleet.

We currently have around 20 entries but we can do much better than that so download the app and get practicing.

If you are entering then please also email [email protected] with your Solo successes, club, Solo sail number and any other entertaining info as he will be providing post event report to go with the videos.

To enter;
Send your name, mobile no & VR ID to [email protected] by 6th May latest

Hopefully a number of our top helms can enter so we can have a crack at beating them?!

Full NOR will be issued on Thursday this week.  Please note that this event will start at 2pm on Saturday and we anticipate that it will be finished by 4pm.  Please spread the word to the rest of the Solo community - the more the merrier!  :-) 
We intend to use Zoom for verbal communication (briefing, banter, results and prize giving!) and we’ll publish an entry list with sail numbers/VR pseudonyms.  
Expect to sail in a variety of locations and a variety of boats!  There will be a practice race and at least one discard.  There’s still time for lots of practice! 

There will be more info soon keep looking here and on the National Solo Class Association Facebook Group

Hope to see plenty of you on the start line on Saturday 6th 

NSCA Committee



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