Doug Latta elected onto Committee

Monday, January 22, 2018

The NSCA Committee are delighted to announce the appointment of Doug Latta as Vice President of the NSCA.


Comment from NSCA President Will Loy

The Class association has been looking to fill this role for a number of years and as I will be stepping down from the presidential position in July, is perfect timing. Doug is already providing invaluable input into Solo matters and has impressed me with his on-water talent and off-water friendly demeanour. I believe it is paramount for the association to have a President who is both race minded and club oriented, and as such will further the interests of the National Solo and it's members, from club level to championship standard.  I believe Doug will be a great asset to the NSCA.


Doug Latta – Vice President National Solo Class Association

I’m deeply honoured to have been asked to become the Vice President of the Class Association. Will Loy continues to do a most excellent job as our President, and will be a very hard act to follow – my thanks go to him and the other hard-working members of the Committee. Also to all Solo sailors I have met over the relatively short time I have been sailing a Solo!


I was introduced to the Solo at my home club of Portchester SC, when I joined with my Laser but soon found that the fleet of Solos was much more competitive, and was growing rather than contracting as was the case for the Laser fleet. I soon bought Solo 5300 which had originally been former Class President Roger Gravatt’s boat. On the day I brought it back to the club on 15th June 2014, Portchester was hosting a Solo Open Meeting, so I leapt at the opportunity of joining in – only to quickly discover that it was incredibly competitive, but I loved every moment and the friendliness of the fleet who were all keen to give me rig set-up tips, Solo racing tips, and above all a very warm welcome.

 Little did I think that just over 3 years later I would be writing to the Class Association members as your new Vice President!

It’s been an amazing trip from that first outing, having competed in 2016 in the Nationals at Pwllheli and two local Open Meetings, I was hooked and last year competed in as many events as I could get away with. I need to thank my wife Vicki who has supported me in this activity, despite it’s very ‘Solo’ nature. It was all a steep learning curve, and with more tips and advice given by top sailors, coaching provided by the Class Association with Pete Mitchell, great strides forward have been achieved.

My role is to continue promoting the Solo both at the top competitive level, where our top fleet sailors will continue to fly past me as if I was stationary, but also at club level where so many of our members enjoy their club-racing and help to make our class one of the finest success stories despite some serious competition from a host of modern designs. When I think about Jack Holt designing the Solo in 1956, and how unknowingly I have sailed so many other boats he designed, notably the Cadet, Mirror, Enterprise and International 14, I am humbled by his sheer vision and expertise.

The Class is incredibly lucky to have so many generous and supportive sponsors, and I would urge you all to try out the great kit, equipment & services offered by the sponsors so as to maximise their return and ensure an ongoing and worthwhile two-way relationship for everyone’s benefit. While the prizes at events are generously supported, our title sponsors Magic Marine along with other sponsors are also keen to support the club sailor too, with their Grass Roots campaign which is great news for all of us.

I look forward to meeting you on the water, or at the London Dinghy Show if you are planning to be there.

Doug Latta


· Born in Paris 1963

· School in Scotland, Canada, Kent and Berkshire

· Degree in Engineering with Business Studies, Portsmouth Polytechnic

· MD of my own Company for 22 years, experienced in Design & Build of Datacentres, Backup Power Systems, Electrical Supply and Distribution & Management of a Team

· Lived on South Coast for 32 years, 12 years in Port Solent

· Married to Vicki Latta

· Children Oli 21, Alex 19, Blake 15, Annie 11 & Maria-Zaneta 5


· Started sailing age 7 on the River Miramichi in New Brunswick, Canada with my Dad

· School Sailing Captain (team racing)

· Commodore of Portsmouth Polytechnic Sailing Club & team member

· Competed in Firefly, Lark, Laser 2, Laser 4000, Intl 14 & Finn Nationals 1978 – 1992

· Laser 2 World Championships 1992

· JOG channel racing 1985 – 1990

· Fastnet Race 1995 – Skipper on Swan 46

· 7 RTI races

· 13 Cowes weeks (incl 1st in ¼ tonne class 2013, 4th in IRC Class 5 2014 & 2015)

· Bought Indigo (Hustler 35) 2008

· Crossed Channel to Honfleur with family 2014

· PSC Sailing Secretary 2014-2016

Solo Career:

· Bought first Solo (5300) 15th June 2014

· Competed in first Open at Portchester SC meeting in 2014

· Competed in first Solo Nationals (Pwllheli) July 2016

· Competed in 12 events in 2017, including 7 Super Series events (including Medemblik Nations Cup, Torquay Nationals, HISC Pusinelli, Felpham Southern Champs, Leigh on Sea Eastern Champs)

· 3rd in Southern Series, 3rd in Sea Series & 23rd in Super Series in 2017.

· Bought 2nd Solo (6000) in July 2017.


· To help bring a clarity of vision to the committee

· Ensure ongoing growth in Solo Sailing in UK and abroad

· Involving the family…….

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