3 or 4 races at a open topic

Chris Brown posted this 17 July 2021

What are your thoughts on having 4 races in one day or staying at 3 races for a open meeting ?

Over the last few years a race has gone from 60 mins to 50 now most are 45 or less , we seem to spend more time traveling and getting ready then racing .

thoughts please ,

4 races at 45 mins or 3 races at 45 mins

chris brown

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Guy Mayger posted this 20 July 2021

I always like the idea of more races, if that is ok with the hosting club.

I also wonder about discards in a 3 race only series. I've been lucky/unlucky to have been on both sides of the equation, but no discards for a short series/open keeps things interesting to the end IMHO.

Historically, discards were there because boats broke. These days it's almost an option to push the start and risk an OCS (maybe).

Neither option is right or wrong, but like your number of races question, Chris, I'd be interested to hear what others think.

Cheers, G

Godfrey Clark posted this 22 July 2021

I very much agree with Chris. After a long journey I once won an open race in 33 minutes! Any shorter its more like stating practice, but ever shorter races has been a gradual trend over a number of years. I also like Guys comment about discards and wonder why we have them? Maybe canvas general opinion as to what the members want, as most clubs can be quite acomodating as long as tides are not a factor.

Alistair Glen posted this 24 July 2021

If coming in for a break at half-time is a viable option, four 45min races is fine. If it's back-to-back races then 4 ½ to 5 hrs (45 min for leader can be 1hr for tail enders plus line/course re-sets, etc) on the water can be bit of a drag.

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