Advice on securing a Solo dinghy with a combination trailer topic

Ivan Paynter posted this 10 March 2018


Is anyone able to recommend any products for securing a Solo dinghy with a combination trailer i.e. the boat, trailer wheels and hitch etc.?

Many thanks

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Ian McDonald posted this 13 March 2018

hope my view never catches me out, but surely the average criminal is aware that the each Solo is really easy to identify by fitout,fittings etc etc and that any attempt to sell on is quickly going to be identified? surely the bad guy is going to target another totally one design class anyway?

Ivan Paynter posted this 13 March 2018

My apologies for the vagueness of my question. Hopefully this will help clarify. What I’m after is recommendations of any Trailer security products e.g. Trailer Wheel Clamps and Tow Ball Hitch Locks, of a reasonable quality and cost, in order to be able to comply with my insurance company requirements statement of “Boats should be securely tied down, trailers locked and / or immobilised when not in use”. Thanks.

Ivan Paynter posted this 24 March 2018

For anyone who needs advice on trailer security products I can recommend Ambrow Trailer Services. Web site:; Tel No.: 01202 479 259; Email: [email protected]

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