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Andy Ritchie posted this 05 March 2021

I've been out of the class a while and wanted to know what the latest rules on electronics are.

  1. Are Compasses like the TackTick Micronet Race Master allowed? or Velocitek Pro Starts?

  2. I use a Garmin to track exercise, I know we aren't allowed GPS, but can I use it as just a cardio tracker linked to my chest HRM? Without risk of being protested.

  3. Are Speed Pucks allowed?

  4. Can I fit a GoPro to the boat without risk of protest?


Andy Ritchie

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Chris Brown posted this 05 March 2021

no gps allowed

no device that pings the start line by gps allowed

TackTick Micronet Race Master has no gps, think its ok to use

Are Speed Pucks allowed? they have gps so NO

Can I fit a GoPro to the boat without risk of protest? NOT SURE GOOD QUESTION , read local sailing instructions , ?many do

these are my opinions and could be wrong ,
you can ask the rya , or nick the chief measure for solos if not sure

you can use for training all above,


Errol Edwards posted this 10 March 2021

Some GoPro and other similar types of cameras are GPS enabled, but the GPS data they collect is probably not accessible whilst sailing. So if all a sailor is able to do is start and stop the camera recording, it should be OK. There is plenty of video on the internet of Solos sailing at the major championships using GpPro type cameras that are possibly GPS enabled.

Ian McDonald posted this 11 March 2021

That could be my target this year when we get back sailing.

To get the boat flat more often, and improve my stumbling around to a level where I would be brave enough to point a camera at myself!

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