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Howard Massie posted this 04 April 2018

As a newcomer to the Solo I'm a little unsure about where to position my weight in light winds. My inclination is to sit well forward upwind with legs astride the thwart but this does make tacking difficult in shifty conditions. Downwind I find myself standing upright a lot and in drifting conditions I want to stand in front of the thwart. Upwind and downwind, the thwart, main sheet and centreboard case make it difficult for me to tack/gybe on wind shifts and my tiller extension is a bit short also (obviously that is easily fixed). Am I trying to shift my weight too far forward or is it just a case of getting used to the obstacles in my way ? I normally sail a laser so have neither a thwart nor centreboard case to step over. Thanks Howard

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Ian McDonald posted this 10 April 2018

although the video is great for all ,it is even more relevant to a boat of your ( and my) era with setup and rigging.

and on a lake in light to medium, dont write a wooden boat off! and its even sweeter to look over the transom at a boat costing five times the price of yours

Howard Massie posted this 10 April 2018

Thanks both, sounds like the Solo video is a must have. I'm sailing Solo 3692 at Llandegfedd in South Wales. It was a bargain buy on eBay so I'm sure will struggle against the newer boats but allows me to dip my toe in for very little cost. Hoping to take it to the Hayling open in June - I'll be the red boat bringing up the rear !

Doug Latta posted this 06 April 2018

Hi Howard, I also came from sailing a Laser and was concerned about how to move forward sufficiently in light weather. However having been around the circuit for a couple of years now, I have learned by watching the good guys that they really don't seem to go forward of the traveller very much - yes sometimes sitting on top of it or jammed next to it, but very rarely in front of it. In very light winds you do see those standing in front, but this very often leads to temptation to infringe rule 42 so I'm not sure I can recommend that! Which club do you sail at Howard, perhaps we can put you in touch with another Solo sailor there or nearby who may have more answers for you. Like Ian I would recommend getting the video.
All the best, Doug

Ian McDonald posted this 04 April 2018

buy the Solo training video. Mr Hunt covers this in detail along with a load of setup stuff.

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