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Graham Castellano posted this 17 May 2020

Hi there, My boom outer distance mark tape has come off, and I'd like some advice about remarking it. I see that the limit mark width is 10mm and the outer point distance is 2693mm. Can anyone tell me: 1) Where is the outer point distance measured from? 2) Is it measured to the inside or to the outside of the outer distance mark? Thanks for advice! Graham Castellano, 5073

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Graham Castellano posted this 18 May 2020

Well, it was a lovely warm afternoon with good wind but no water (low tide), so I went to the (now open) boatyard for some maintenance, following on from my questions above. I believe that I have answered the questions myself with the boat in front of me, but if anyone thinks differently please comment. Based on the grubby line left by the old limit mark tape, the 2693mm measurement appears to be made, with the boom on the gooseneck, from the rear of the mast to the inside of the outer point distance mark. The outer point distance mark is specified as a minimum of 10mm wide, so it has been replaced with some 13mm wide tape that I had in my kit. I believe all is good now!

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