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Dennis Allen posted this 19 August 2021

How do you replace the main halyard on a solo

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Ian McDonald posted this 20 August 2021

Assuming you have the standard sheave near the mast foot, drill out the rivets and remove.

Drop a thin line and weight from the top of the mast ( sailing club roof helps) and after pulling it out with coat hanger use this to pull the new haliard through.

Or go to the sailing club at the weekend and stand by your mast looking confused. Someone will step up and do it for you!

David Greening posted this 22 August 2021

You don’t need to drill out the rivets (though again that the sheave is riveted not screwed), whipping twine and a slug (clevis pin with the edges filed off), remove heel fitting, drop twine and slug through top of mast to bottom of mast, fish out whine with bit of bent coat hanger at the sheave, attach line to halyard tail and mouse through.

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