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Will Loy posted this 10 October 2019

I have started a new string as the survey results string is now too long to read easily (the text is sitting onto of other text).

At the peril of being forever banished from the Solo fraternity could I suggest now would be a good time to launch a 'Classic' series, running along the same lines as the successful Super Series. Piggy backing onto cherry picked events with a separate start for the modern interpretation. While there is argument that the older generation of largely wooden Solos are still competitive on their day when the right conditions, positioning of the moon, personal well being all align, the REALITY is that from the birth of the first FRP version, wooden hulls became uncompetitive. True, I and others have had our moments of glory but on average, the modern deal accelerates quicker, whether out of a tack or in a gust. It is just simple physics with the weight centralised. There are a huge amount of wooden Solos that race at club level and are happy to stay there but also there is no attraction to venture further afield. I believe a separate start would provide a level playing field for those wanting to get into the class with limited budget and race COMPETITIVELY.

against other Solos.

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Ian McDonald posted this 10 October 2019

I think the greatest advantage of a Classic series would be to confirm that the Solo association see the older boats as an important part of the class.

I will be totally open in saying that after years on the circuit, and having " escaped" from work,my days of travelling country wide are over. But certainly to support the idea I would look forward to sailing in a couple each year.

I dont think we need the separate start. It would add extra work for the race team . Will is right in saying we are slightly slower, but beating the odd frp boat ( having saved £6k) is a pleasure we can retain all by starting together.

I think the cost of a few Classic prizes will come back tenfold in Assoc members retained. How would our excellent magazine editor feel about some classic stuff being included?

Will Loy posted this 10 October 2019

I believe a few of the perceived reasons for those with older 'less competitive' craft attending include,

Not interested in travelling these days

I will not be competitive against the modern Solo

I don't feel confident enough to mix it with the big boys

I cannot afford 4k + to get on the water

Therefore, a separate start would provide close one design racing for the classic category

Remove the more cut and thrust element of a combined start, fewer on the start line will aid this too.

Provide an organised platform within the umbrella of an NSCA series.

I would suggest an online entry system with a cut off date so if there is a sufficient take up, say to start with 6 Solos, then a separate start will be implemented.

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Will Loy posted this 10 October 2019

Of course if you feel lucky you can opt to race in the modern criteria

Ian McDonald posted this 10 October 2019

You are right Will. Having a cutoff at six boats avoids my concern of incurring extra work for the race team for very few boats.

And I think that a separate start might get newcomers using it as an entry to the main fleet. And encouraging people who perhaps have not done Opens for a while. A 60 boat start is a daunting place to return!

Ian McDonald posted this 3 Weeks ago

Would any of the area organisers be ok with a Classic prize as part of the area series opens? No separate start of course, just chance of being mentioned in the results . And assuming a Classic is anything wooden or built before the first frp Winder?

Julian Wigmore posted this 2 Weeks ago

Some of us are lucky enough to have a later wooden Solo, I think all wooden solos should form part of the classic fleet. I certainly would like to attend a few meetings if there were to be a classic fleet start.

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