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John Webster posted this 2 Weeks ago

Dear all, Just to keep all up to date with news from Carsington SC. The Severn Trent our landlords have closed the site and unfortunately those of us who have taken our boats up to the club and have started to race which hasn't been often with all the weather we have been having have another issue to content with. The gates are locked and our boats locked in. Hopefully they are secure but it seems no one knows how long it will be before the locks will come off. There are only so many jobs I can find to do at home and no boat to fiddle with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I please take this opportunity to wish all well, be Corona free and keeping the 2 metre distance/clearance. Guess we are all effected in some way? John Webster.

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John Webster posted this Yesterday

Hi all, Further developments at Carsington and with our landlords Severn Trent. We are advised that it could be August or September before we can gain access to the club and our boats. Just hoping that, restrictions will ease before then but at the moment we are all in limbo.
Any news from other clubs? John Webster PS I am advised Staunton Harold SC also a Severn Trent Land lord has a similar lock down.

Ian McDonald posted this Yesterday

Blithfield is closed as well.

My personal view is very much based on my niece who is doing consecutive 12 hour shifts as a nurse in an emergency ward. Dont forget the info from China comes heavily edited by the government, we have a long way to go..

Any club or sailors taking this situation as anything other than hugely serious and not staying home is acting totally irresponsibly. And good to see the Solo fleet and the great fleet captains like John, following the guidance and not being part of the small number of sailors just carrying on regardless.

Keep safe all. Looking forward to our return sail!

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Ian McDonald posted this 12 hours ago

And on a more positive note , Virtual Regatta Inshore online racing is fun and the RYA have set up access for all clubs whilst this current situation is ongoing.

I am not computer savvy but I enjoyed my trial sail and if you look on the you can see some more info and also some racing from superstars including Taxi.

So the challenge for Virtual racing between Carsington and Blithfield Solos is made Mr Webster!.

And sorry for tense earlier post- I have switched my " relax" button back on!

Paul Gray posted this 10 hours ago

Similar story down south at Spinnaker. We fortunately managed to hold our Open under the cloud of the virus with some precautions. However we are closed for the forseeable future. We aren't locked down by our water board but we have closed the club to members. Our Bosun is working on site still, alone. This keeps him safe from infection.

We are now planning how to have a MASSIVE celebration when things blow over. Let's hope we don't have shadows hanging over us.

Nigel Thomas posted this 7 hours ago

Hi all, i'm at Hill Head SC / Lee on Solent, Hampshire. Yep super serious and situation not going to change anytime soon. Looking out across The Solent (Stokes Bay to Cowes to Calshot), there are virtually no pleasure craft on the water, any day of week. Last weekend at Lee, there was even a guard launch monitoring activity on the beach, from the water. Virtual racing it is then. Stay safe.

John Webster posted this 6 hours ago

Paul, Nigel, Many thanks for your response, listening to local news and on the TV guess it brings it all home when Local hospitals report fatalities of both patients and staff from the Corona virus. Hoping all will join me in wishing Ian's niece "stay safe" working at hospital in the thick of it. John Webster.

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