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Tim Flatman posted this 13 August 2018

I have an 11 year old, all FRP boat. The top chine has suddenly delaminated in two/three large patches.

Anyone any experience of this happening? And/or how to repair

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Ian McDonald posted this 13 August 2018

my understanding is that once started it can spread as water gets below the gel.

I would suggest that a review by an experienced repairer is required.

not sure where you are but Chris and Phil at Dinghytec near the NEC have experience and are good guys 07966 687785

hope you get sorted!

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Tim Flatman posted this 14 August 2018

Thank you - I'm in West of Scotland to maybe too far.

Is this a problem experienced by many other Solo owners? It has been described as a latent construction fault, so I'll have to fund (or do) repair myself.

Ian McDonald posted this 14 August 2018

This is a tough one and I understand any owners of the same boats want to protect their value by avoiding discussion. I would ring Chris on the number I posted- they are sound guys and will not mind advising even if not doing the work. They have experience. Mention my name

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