Garda - Boat Transport & Taxi from Verona topic

Rob Cook posted this 14 April 2018

I'm driving to Garda with my boat, arriving Wednesday 27th of June. At the moment I'm taking a double trailer with only one boat on it, which seems daft. If you are still trying to find someone to take your boat, or if you've got any friends at the club thinking of going but using boat transport as an excuse, get in touch. Not looking to make anything out of it, just help cover the costs.

Alternatively, if you've also got a spare space available (or want to borrow my double!) let me know as more than happy to let someone else do the towing!

Finally, my wife is flying to Verona on Saturday 30th of June and getting a taxi at approx 10am to Riva. She's going back to the airport Wednesday 4th of July at 7.45am. If anyone else has friends / family coming over with similar flight times let me know.

Rob. (07709486727) [email protected]

Last Edited 14 April 2018


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