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Guy Mayger posted this 27 July 2020

Hi all, Not your usual Solo question, but I'm wondering if anyone has gone down the electric car path yet, specifically a Tesla Model 3 with a tow bar, and have you towed your boat with it? Looking for real-world experiences as I'm considering going for it. Cheers, G 5691

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Doug Latta posted this 28 July 2020

Hi Guy, I have a friend who lives in Port Solent who has the T3, and absolutely loves it. He doesn't have a towbar so I can't comment on that although my understanding is that it reduces the range by around 30-40%, still enough to get to most opens and events, but if going to Scotland might be a couple of charges! My new company Powerworks EVC will be very pleased to quote you for a good power rating charger, the Tesla one my mate got was a simple wall plug cable and took over 24 hours to charge. We installed him a new 7.4kW charger, and now he is fully charged overnight. Take a look on our website www.powerworksevc.com. Our main activity is chargers for businesses, but for the Solo fleet we are doing home installations with 15% off! Cheers Doug

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