Halyard bags, bottle holders, seadek floors, gudgeons - class legal? topic

Toby Peacock posted this 03 May 2021

Following the recent vote to officially allow inhauls and halyard locks, I got round to reading the rules...

Rule 9.1c does not seem to permit halyard bags, bottle holders, the fancy double layered seadek floors... or rudder gudgeons. Hopefully I’m missing something, it would be crazy if they were outlawed.

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Ian McDonald posted this 05 May 2021

I am sure the Assoc have got this covered.

Although boats are much more uniform now, rule observance is tough- we thank the team doing it.

I remember Gordon Barclay doing a weight check at Hoorn. Mine went on the scales and the rain was so strong, the scales were visibly moving upwards as we waited for them to steady. It was decided to believe the certificate and go and get a beer!

Doug Latta posted this 05 May 2021

Thanks for your comments. NSCA don't consider we have a problem

Will Loy posted this 06 May 2021

Just for info, C.6.2 FITTINGS (a) USE (1) Inspection hatch covers and drainage plugs shall be kept in place at all times while racing. (2) Fittings and associated parts for storing of equipment as permitted by C.5 is optional.

This allows bottle holders, halyard bags etc.

Toby Peacock posted this 06 May 2021

Thank you for the replies - I knew I’d be missing something obvious ;)

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