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Barrie Woodhall posted this 09 June 2018

Has anyone tried Guy Maygers inhaul set up - it seems to turn into another downhaul!!?? Anyone have any other ideas for a good inhaul arrangement. I have a D+ mast and P&B med cut sail

Barrie Woodhall 5642

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Guy Mayger posted this 15 June 2018

I have! :-)

Indeed, you are correct Barrie, this setup does give a degree of down, as well as, in hauling. What you can't see in the Spring edition photos is that the inhaul line goes through the high-load eye, through the tack, around the mast, back to the tack and then down through the other eye. The "around the mast" bit is important since it helps change the angle to something like a 45 degree pull on the tack rather than directly down the luff. Since adding the little spacer wedge/nylon block that has helped reduce the fall down the luff a little further, but to be honest, I actually like that the luff is tensioned as the inhaul is wound on. All that said, the best part of this is having the additional purchase as I was finding in a big breeze coming into the leeward mark I was having to ease my outhaul, pull on my inhaul and then reset the outhaul. With the extra purchase in the inhaul I can leave the outhaul in its upwind setting and then blow the inhaul at the windward mark before pulling it back on again at the leeward mark, all whilst looking forwards rather than backwards to the end of the boom. It seems to work quite well for me, but do note I'm sailing on the sea all the time so having the fullness a little further forward helps drive over waves and encourages me to foot off a little. Hope that helps. Cheers, G 5691

Ian McDonald posted this 16 June 2018

I find that on the relatively short legs inland that often the gains of looking out of the boat are greater than spending time pulling strings. Lots of time to overtake the guys making adjustments!

Barrie Woodhall posted this 16 June 2018

I have to agree Ian on small pools like Shustoke awareness of other guys positions is critical and missing one small wind shift whilst adjusting controls can be fatal! However if a control can be improved and made more efficient then I am interested in trying it. Thanks Guy, I shall get all the bits together and give it a go.

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