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Alistair Glen posted this 03 December 2021

Is it just me or has everybody's insurance seen a hefty jump this year?

Mine has, for the same boat (5729), gone up by close to 25% with a certain 'lettered' insurer. Spookily, Nobles (friend of the Class) are about 75p cheaper.

'Price-matching' or a coincidence?

I should add that I've made no claims and the circumstances of the boat haven't changed.

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Andrew Liddington posted this 03 December 2021

Hi Alistair My renewal in the summer was much the same as previous years as was the Association demo boat. Are you aware Nobles have increased the discount to Assoc members to 10%? Andrew Liddington Hon Treasurer NSCA

Alistair Glen posted this 03 December 2021

Hi Andrew,

I had a couple of interesting conversations with both Nobles and my original insurers. As a result I have insured with another provider at a considerably lower premium for the same cover. It would seem that we poor dinghy sailors are paying for the losses incurred by insurers of racing mega yachts...if the insurers are to be believed.

Ian McDonald posted this 17 December 2021

I would imagine that the cost of running a " real" office to allow faster direct contact and support is one of most expensive additions and reason to increase premiums.

A high marketing and promotion budget pushes up premiums as well.

I have not claimed this century and am very happy with my obscure low cost company which I hope to never use.

But if you are out on the circuit and diving for that disappearing gap- one of the more expensive and maybe more supportive companies may be good

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