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Barrie Woodhall posted this 07 September 2020

After a capsize I discovered my front tank had a lot! of water in. I have replaced the O ring which goes around the fixed part of the hatch - but it still leaks. Anyone had the same problem and found a cure? What hatches have you got that do not leak?

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Alistair Glen posted this 07 September 2020

Have you established that the hatch is the only possible culprit?

Barrie Woodhall posted this 07 September 2020

Yes. The boat is a 4yr old winder MK1a and is sound as a bell!! There is a drain plug, but that was tight and even if it was leaking I cannot see that quantity of water getting through in the time available between the capsize and the self bailers doing there job. Looking at the fitting of the lid of the hatch I would have thought it would be a tight fit against the o ring- you obviously cannot see the joint but it doesn't seem that tight - I, wondering whether or not to try a different manufacturer?

Ian McDonald posted this 07 September 2020

I would have been with Alistair checking the stem fitting and all the screws for the hatch- but you have done that.

Whichever hatch Winder use, its going to be the best so I don't think a change of brand is the answer.

Taking the hatch outer off and refitting it with some new sealant seems OTT.

Is there a breather hole in the cover?wondering if you can get a rubber tube to seal it enough it blow some air in and perhaps find the leak with soapy water?

Kelvin Leggatt posted this 07 September 2020

I also have a winder MK1a and found it was better to replace the self tapping screws with small small screws with nuts as some self tappers where just turning and not tightening and also if you look at the o'ring when twisting the hatch it sometime twists up the O'ring but if you use vasaline on the O'ring this doesn't happen and gives a better seal.

Barrie Woodhall posted this 08 September 2020

It was a P & B fitout, even so they use good gear and the hatch is a well known make. The base fitting appears good, well sealed, no loose screws. I have also double checked paperwork to make sure the o rings I purchased were the correct ones! all seems ok. I think I'm down to 2 options, replace with a different type/manufacturer or pressure test the tank - This weekend after sailing I am going to take home the drain plug and see if I can somehow use or modify this to provide a pressure testing point. Just had another thought - with the hatch in place spray it forcefully with water and check if any gets in - I'll try this first on Saturday - I'll let you know.

Barrie Woodhall posted this 14 September 2020

Carried out water spray test - no sign of a leak. However there is no other way for water to gain entry so I am ordering a different hatch - looking at the RWO 4ins.

Ian McDonald posted this 14 September 2020

Thats interesting as my mates P&B fit out Winder has got RWO hatches from new. They" hiss" when released sometimes showing total sealing

Was this a one off? No chance that the hatch cover was cross threaded or not fully tightened on the day of the capsize?

Barrie Woodhall posted this 15 September 2020

I haven't got RWO at the moment, but that is what I am going to change to. Its good to know they work ok. Several years ago with a different Winder I was unscrewing the hatch cover, on a very hot, sunny day and the pressure in the tank blew the cover out of my hand. A fellow solo sailor recommended drilling a very small hole in the hatch cover, it doesn't leak water but it does prevent excess pressure building up in hot weather - might be worth informing your mate. My current hatch has leaked on 2 separate occasions, definitely tight and not cross threaded, interestingly the front tank leaks but not the side tanks!!

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