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Mike Johnson posted this 01 October 2019

I recently bought Solo 5079, a Winder Mk1, dark gray in colour. Does anybody have any information which may help me trace the measurement certificate for this boat. There is no record with the RYA nor Winder. The boat was originally sailed at Salcombe Yacht Club and the owner at that time has no recollection of who he sold it to. I now need to trace this person to see if they have the measurement certificate. Thanks; Mike Johnson

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Ian McDonald posted this 03 October 2019

Is it worth contacting Maarten ( in The Boat on the website) who keeps the Solo Register?. I assume he gets his info from the RYA and he may have some info to show that they raised the original cert.? and that based on that they can issue a copy?

Jonathan Watkins posted this 04 October 2019

I had a similar problem with my second-hand Solo. I contacted the RYA to get a certificate issued in my name. They told me that there was no record of measurement forms ever been submitted to them. Calls to Winders, P&B (who fitted boat out) didn't run the original forms to ground. Fortunately the original owner was identified, he still had the measurement forms, and I was able to send them to the RYA who issued a certificate nearly 5 years after the boat had been measured.

Hope you are equally successful in your hunt.

Cheers Jon

Mike Johnson posted this 05 October 2019

Thanks Ian & Jon

Maarten is a possible as thy have a record of the original owner even though the RYA haven't so where did that come from. I feel my best chance is that the second owner is still a member of the association or someone remembers or has a record of the boat. A question for the committee would be if you are to have and maintain a strict one design class boat then should not ALL boats be registered.

hanks for your support and time.


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