Nations Cup - Boat transport to Garda topic

Chris Biglin posted this 26 March 2018

I'm driving down to Garda from the Midlands for the Nations Cup - sailing on Garda is a bucket list tick for me. If anyone is looking for transport for their boat I have two scanarios: 1) I've a double trailer so can easily take another boat. 2) I have a large van which I've discovered can fit two Solos in the back, together with the trailer that makes taking four boats possible. I've not costed the journey but I'm driving anyway so it'll be cheaper than a commercial option. If anyone is interested in having their boat transported please get in touch. The bookings I need to make for the two scanarios is different so I am looking for a commitment now, I'm open to taking either one boat or three (plus mine) so the level of interest will decide what I do. You can contact me at Chris (at) Biglin dot co dot uk or 07973 312316


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