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Myles Macdonald posted this 11 April 2018

The cover that came with my boat is starting to deteriorate and will need replacing. I currently have a PVC Overboom type and have "wintered" the boat outside. I would be interested to hear from members their suggestions on a replacement cover (type, manufacturer and material etc.) and also any tips on storing the boat outside during the winter. Many thanks Myles Macdonald

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Geoff Hall posted this 14 April 2018

Hello Miles You don’t say what your boat is made off but can give my experience of using and leaving a wooden boat outside for 10 months of the year. I bought a cotton polyester deep sided cover approximately 3 years ago. I leave the boat with a firmly secured prop so that it sits at an angle where all the rainwater that finds its way down the mast etc drains away. I leave the inspection hatches open and all bungs out. The boat stays dry. It even drys completely between uses. The cover is still very sound after 3 years but could probably do with a reproof to assist rain to bead off.
I am not sure if I am permitted to name the manufacturer on open forum but can email the details.


Ian McDonald posted this 14 April 2018

stay with an overboom. walk round a dinghy park and you will see 90% of the flat covers full of water at the stern,stretching the cover and doing to boat no good. And I agree that if wooden, breathable is essential. Mine is a Weathermax cover by Creation which I have seen sitting with hardly a quiver in F8!

Myles Macdonald posted this 14 April 2018

Hi Guys

Many thanks for your comments. My Solo is a Winder GRP hull and woodwork from Crawshaw. I inherited a good sturdy homemade prop and also a homemade device to attach the boom securely to the transom which appears to work well. It is not so much that the boat gets ingress of water rather want to make sure replacement cover does the job and i make the correct purchase. On that note it is interesting that you both suggest a breathable fabric rather than PVC cover so will look into this. Thanks again. Myles

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