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Barrie Woodhall posted this 03 February 2020

Each time I try to place for sale ad it says "error" - no elements . What am I doing wrong??? I have placed ads before without this problem?? Advice please.

I have now tried it without photos and it works - I notice other ads do not have photos! Is there something wrong with the programme?

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Nigel Thomas posted this 04 February 2020

Hi Barrie, i recently placed an advert and received the same error message only when including a photo. Like you, it worked fine without a photo. And maybe about 3 months back generally adverts had photos, so likely something is not quite right today.

John Cunliffe posted this 06 February 2020

I can't see photos in any of the adverts - what's up?

Barrie Woodhall posted this 06 February 2020

Whats up is that you are supposed to be able to include photos in the ad!! But the system currently will not allow you to.

Harry Ashworth posted this 07 February 2020

What’s happened to the technical support here, photos have not been visible for ages?

Doug Latta posted this 10 February 2020

Hi All We are aware of the problem and this has been reported to our webmaster who is trying to fix the problem. Hopefully we will be back up and live again soon. In the meantime, if you do have adverts you have put up but want photos added, send them to me and I will try and add them via the 'back-office' function. All the best Doug

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