Ranelagh SC Thames Downriver Race 31st July 13:30 topic

Brian Clarke posted this 06 July 2021

New to the Solo Calendar is this somewhat unique race, under the bridges on The Thames.
Start on Putney then under Putney, Fulham Railway, Wandsworth, Battersea Railway, Battersea and Albert Bridges, turn with the tide and sail back through London.
Parking on the hard, as it is low tide, is free.
Bacon roll before, with lunch after sailing, coffee and tea for all involved.
£10 entry.
We have a growing fleet of mainly wooden Solos and look forward to having visitors again.
The cheapest bar in London (according to the Merlin Fleet) will be open.

Last Edited 06 July 2021

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Brian Clarke posted this 06 July 2021

We will post NOR and SIs soon but to clarify the start will be NET 13:30

Brian Clarke posted this 19 July 2021

Please find attached the NOR and SIs for this event.

Godfrey Clark posted this 22 July 2021

NOR and Si are posted under "Events" but I believe the start is 1:30 to catch the tide. Godfrey

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